Youri Grégoire

Youri is a French circus performer. He started juggling at age 16. Diabolos are his favourite toys, but he then discovered balls, foam gliders, feathers and everything that is subjected to gravity. The more it falls, the better. He loves juggling but also trained in acrobatics, with Marc Battistel. Youri lived and performed in Australia, Switzerland, France, and has now settled in Poland, where he is creating his new solo show. Sometimes, he has a moustache, sometimes not.

When You See the Moon – Circus Performance (50’)

Createdand performed by Youri Grégoire

Soundtrackby George Dyer & Youri Grégoire

moon is close. It is familiar. But also mysterious: the white orb
influences the lives of earthlings in many ways and yet, its
importance is underestimated by most. This performance is a tribute
to what happens when you fall under its spell.

circus performance features juggling, manipulation, acrobatics and
video. The relation with the audience is strong, almost organic.

music has been specifically created for the show in order to fit the

This show is created with the help of CBK Fama, Kejos THE-AT-ER, Centrum Nowego Cyrku and MBP.